You Are Not The Ocean You Are The Patient





released July 7, 2017

We did this with the help of some great friends.



all rights reserved


BISON Vancouver, British Columbia

With whatever trust of panic we went out with, so much we shall return.

06.08 vernon bc @ record city
06.09 calgary ab @ the palomino
06.10 saskatoon sk @ the capital
06.11 winnipeg mb @ the windsor
06.12 regina sk @ the exchange
06.13 red deer ab @ the vat
06.14 edmonton ab @ brixx
06.16 vancouver bc @ the rickshaw
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Track Name: Until The Earth Is Empty
until the earth is empty

there was nothing to drag into light
not even dreams, where darkness breathes
thrust and the grab tides and the birth
fiery moon freezing, my heart reaching

mountains perish cut with our lives
ghosts leave smiling no need for fire

it is done now i have seen my sight
i have felt my pulse i have made things right
all my keepsakes my angels have seen
a halo of snakes as darkness breathes

scratches on the wall blood on the floor
there is no fire there is no more
Track Name: Anti War
anti war

I live for a little death
the kind that flicker and lose the fight
I live for shallow breathes
the kind that cough, bloody loss
i live for nothing less
less than zero, second best
I love a bloody mess
so rip it out, rip it out

i live in love’s nest
i try my best, I need a rest
I failed at life’s tests
to the flame, a burning shame
my love is the rain
coming down, coming down
I love all the pain
love is war, anti war

my little death

shallow and breathless / sallow but deathless

you were my best death,
war, anti war
Track Name: Drunkard

Regrettable as a bad drunk
We are part midnight sun
so lie about the details

How did you get killed? Head in a bag?
Fell just right? Lost the fight?

black eyes, the darkest sight

Dear drunkard lover, I owe you....
I owe you a love song, a love song

You are a fraction man
Heartwarming death of god
Pass down your deficit
Your past it bled regret

My drink is sorrow
My thirst is jealousy
I passed my killing time
A little blood, bile and brine
Track Name: Tantrum

the clamour, a rising tide
bloodless murder, treason is a child

the clamour of static holds me, picking through my stitches
my first kiss was fury now i cannot rest

my heart crawls tired, but cannot rest
cut apart my veils, my first kiss was fury
fragments of fire

of fire, I’m on fire
on fire, I’m on fire

this frenzy grabs me, like a first kiss
this frenzy holds me, with hateful bliss
my bloodless murder, my rising tide
I cannot rest, until i’m cut and split

This frenzy grabs me, like a first kiss
I cannot rest, until i'm cut and split
Track Name: Raiigin

Hang on your money tears down walls
putting profit over head
looking good, times up
for a state sanctioned love in

you never new, you had no clue


mass hunger, waiting for some kind of fucking
love in
instead of waiting for the devil, the devil

between the devil and me

we're going to drown in

Track Name: Water Becomes Fire
water becomes fire

your god is deaf, dumb and blind
you crave the earth, the dirt and time
veins of white, lesions of ice
the mountain bleeds life, from its sides

god is deaf, so kill the sun
our night rolls in, our living end

the moon hangs on a sky lit wound
bleeding soft light on our path
serpents trail leads to the fight
water becomes fire, raging

god is deaf, so kill the sun
our night rolls in, our living end
the moon hangs on, bleeding softly
on the serpent's trail, the water becomes fire